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Hello and welcome

We are a proud South African Company consisting of shareholders and suppliers who are dedicated in building a Fruit Marketing Company for the future.

A team of highly skilled personal runs our Company- consisting of a MD, financial, operational and technical team.

Our website serves as background to necessary information.

We do from growing, harvesting, packing, transporting, storing, marketing, exporting and financial control, GOEDE HOOP VRUGTE covers all these needs.

Goede Hoop Vrugte has a selection of suppliers, with more than 60 CA rooms and more than 30 RA rooms to maintain the cold chain.

We operate to the standard of recommendation and specification set by our clients.

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.”
– Bryan Eisenberg -

Goede Hoop Vrugte

Situated in the Ceres and Citrusdal area, our farms are notorious for exceptional standards of fresh fruit.

The fruit is transferred from the orchards to our clients, in most of the cases to large chain stores, to homes all around the globe where healthy eating habits are created. As mentioned, we adhere to strict international standards for produce regarding food safety.

We operate a system in which traceability are guaranteed, rewinding the whole chain and enabling us to identify the farm in minutes.

We do believe that all aspects mentioned above, serves as guidelines for superior ability and quality, but handling is just as important and tremendous attention is given to it.

Now that the operating aspects are well known, we would like to focus on our marketing skills.

One-to-one, personal attention, long term business relationships, personalized meetings and agreements are expressions frequently used at Goede Hoop Vrugte.

In our industry, technology is no differentiator, as all our competitors have the same equipment, machines and transporting channels.

Nevertheless, by providing you, our client with exceptional service makes us a leader in our own right.

Our Services Include

At Goede Hoop Vrugte, we do it all – well!


We do our own marketing with skilled marketeers on our team.


We take the importance of packing fruit seriously and believe in absolute quality.

Pack Material

We add value to the packaging, adhering to specifications and only using the best suppliers.


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